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the Sibaud monument of Bobbio Pellice (Turin) In the history of the Waldensians we can retrace the events that have shaken Europe from the Middle Ages until today. This, however, seen from the point of view of the weak, the defeated side which has to struggle daily to assert its rights to exist so as not to be overcome and crushed by the social-political system of the particular time in question.
The sites, the events, the people are elements of a minor tone which, however,amaze us when we consider the lack of proportion between the different forces involved.

The most astonishing thing is that, far from being ended, the validity of this history continues, right through to the present. Every time in fact, this history thrills our hearts and fills us with emotion, we recapture the roots of our ideals, of our deepest feelings and comprehend that we too belong to it.

The preservation and the promotion of historical sites is carried out by the Committee for the Waldensian Historical Sites, nominated by the Waldensian Executive Board.

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