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otto per mlle ai valdesi e metodisti

In 1993 the Waldensian and Methodist Synod, after a long and suffered debate, voted to have recourse to the law to have access to "otto per mille dell'IRPEF" (ie.lire 8 out of lire l000 of Income Tax funds if covenanted by tax payer). In making this decision, however, the Synod decreed two guiding principles. First of all it was established that the sum received would not be used for ecclesiastical purposes, that is to say, for the maintenance of pastors or for any activity of the church itself, but only for social aid or for cultural projects. It was also agreed that a quota must be set aside for Third World projects, to be carried out in co-operation with religious or lay organizations.
Secondly, it was established that only contributions coming from those tax payers who had declared their preference would be accepted and not those coming from the subdivision of contributions of tax payers who had not declared their preference.

On pages "OPM News", up-to-date news on financed projects can be found.

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