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valdesi al sinodoOther characteristics of the church life of the Waldensian communities: no sacred images in their churches, the ministers (pastors) may marry, communion with bread and wine and the refusal of relics: all these derive from the aforesaid premise.
A different vision of the church ensues from these theoretic, doctrinal principles.
The Christian church is, in fact, seen as the meeting together and the communion of believers rather than a hierarchically structured organization, and therefore it has, for protestants, a setup which corresponds to a democratic type of sensitivity rather than clerical.

Unlike the Catholic type churches, Waldensians do not accept the principle of episcopal succession, according to which , the typepresence of Christ is guaranteed by the succession of bishops; they maintain that between Christ and the church (i.e. the community of believers), there are no forms of intermediary authorities; the company of believers are called to live their faith, being certain that they are guided by God through his Spirit.
Consequently, the church does not give specific guidelines concerning political preferences or sexual ethics.

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