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raduno del xv agostoThe Waldensian churches retain two designations; Waldensian and Protestant. The first, for historical reasons, reaffirms the bond between present-day witness and the experience of faith of the mediaeval Waldensians, thus showing its continuity in our country.

Protestant, on the other hand, expresses the up-to-dateness of the Reformation and its project to return to the primitive Christian church and to the purity of the Faith. Waldensians (as all Protestants), identify the foundation of Christianity in three points: the Scriptures, Jesus Christ and sole faith. This means that the only source from which the church receives inspiration for its action and witness, is the Bible. We must refer to the Bible alone to know the will of God or what our Christian duties are. It means also that the intervention of Christ is the only hope and salvation of humanity. To be a Christian means to fully trust the work of Christ and to live in communion with Him. Finally, we are saved or, as Paul says, we are justified by faith alone; this means that we have no merit at all for our salvation but that we can, and must, accept it as a free gift from God.

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