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The Waldensian church has always maintained relations with other European Christian churches and, therefore, had no difficulty in taking part in the many different European Christian organizations having an ecumenical orientation or in the ecumenical movement itself.
This organization, of which nearly all the Protestant and Orthodox churches are members, was founded in 1948; the Roman Catholic church has always refused to become part, maintaing that the Roman church, with the Pope considered to be the Vicar of Christ himself, is the only true Christian church.
The World Council of Churches, with its seat in Geneva, holds regular assemblies every 4 years; these can be called ecumenical councils as they unite Christians from all over the world. As well as being a member of the W.C.C., the Waldensian church is a member of other interdenominational organizations:
- The European Church Conference (ECC), which unites all the non-Roman Catholic churches of Europe, and which played an important part during the cold war, being the only organization to help believers of both East and West to keep in contact with one another.
- The Conference of Latin countries which has analogous aims and unites the Protestant churches of southern Europe.
- The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), Leuenberg Church Fellowship, a multi-confessional body, founded by Lutheran and Reformed churches but which has gradually grown and studies those doctrinal problems which still divide the churches.

The Waldensian and Methodist churches also maintain ongoing relations with other churches in Europe and the USA.

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