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Lux lucet in tenebrisThe Candlestick

The origin of the candlestick is unknown; it is probably connected to the emblem of the Counts of Luserna, ancient overlords of the Pellice Valley. It appeared for the first time on 17th century prints. The candle (or flame)on the candlestick, linked to the inscription "in tenebris lux" or " lux lucet in tenebris", is a clear reference to the text of John 1.5, where it is said that Jesus is the light which shines in the darkness. The seven stars which circle the light make reference to the vision of Revelation 1.16, where Christ in glory holds seven stars in his hand which represent the seven churches in Asia, in crisis because of persecution.
With these two Bible references the Waldensians affirmed their will to be faithful to the Gospel, the light of humanity and their certainty of being in communion with Christ.

the huguenot crossThe Huguenot Cross

This work of goldsmithery originated in the Huguenot or protestant surroundings of Langue d'Oc. It is a duplicate of the Cross of Malta to which is added the pendant of a dove, representing the Holy Spirit. The use of this symbol of the Reformation faith is widespread in the evangelical world today.

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