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Vincent van Gogh la chiesa di AuversProtestant or evangelical Christians, among whom are Waldensians and Methodists, share the same fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith as Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians. This common Christian faith can be summarized in the following statements:
1. All Christians believe in one God, Creator and Source of life and love, who made himself known first of all to the Israelites; they believe in Jesus Christ, the only Lord and Saviour, who has revealed the love of God to humanity; they believe in the Holy Spirit, living and active presence of God in history. In other words, one God, three persons, the “Trinity”.
2. All Christians believe that God has spoken through Moses, the prophets and through Jesus Christ, as testified to in the Old and New Testaments of the sacred scriptures, i.e.the Bible, fundamental text of God’s revelation to mankind.
3. All Christians administer baptism and celebrate the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion
However, these visible signs of grace related to our salvation in Jesus Christ, are seen to have different meanings in the various Christian denominations and thus, in some cases, can hinder the full recognition of the validity of the “other’s” baptism and the sharing of the common Eucharist.
4. All Christians believe that God calls all men and women personally to faith in Him, to be lived out with constancy, coherence and obedience, and that all believers are part of the same people, God’s people, that is the Church, called to serve him and make him known to all even though organized and understood in different ways.
5. All Christians live a life tending towards the future, awaiting the full realization of that redemption promised and begun by God in Jesus Christ.

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