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Freedom of religion: ban on new mosques

Pastor Maria BonafedeThe Moderator of the Tavola Valdese, Pastor Maria Bonafede, expressed her concern regarding proposed legislation presented by Hon. Roberto Cota, head of the assembly persons of the Lega in the House of Representatives asking for a moratorium on the construction of new mosques in reaction to the arrest of two presumed Muslim terrorists in Milan. "These proposals, said Bonafede, are being justified in the name of law and order and security: but if within any community there is found to exist criminal activity or deviant behavior, the State has the necessary means to suppress it; let's not put the entire community under custody".

The impression of the Moderator is that "today there is a fight against Islam and there are those who want to limit their freedom of expression because there is fear of religious pluralism created by the idea of understanding Italy as a country totally and eternally Roman Catholic, if not in the consciences and in actions, at least through exterior expressions of public symbols. The support of freedom of religion for Islam belongs to us Italian Protestants as well because we feel committed to defend those values of pluralism and the lay character of the State that at this time some would like to put between parentheses. And the fact that this happens to Muslims or Jehovah’s Witnesses today, like it happened yesterday to Jews, to Pentecostals or to the same Waldensians and Methodists, makes very little difference".

From press service NEV - Notizie evangeliche, 30 December 2008

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