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Environment and Commitment of Protestant Churches

The Commission on Globalization and Environment (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI) published its recommendations: "use renewable energy sources", "eliminate plastic throwaways", "favor the use of recycled paper", "explore the computer system "open source"". These are only some of the recommendations given to those who live and work in ecclesiastical fields, coming from a recent workshop "What to do for a spirituality of energy" promoted by the GLAM.
Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and Waldensian pastors, deacons and lay leaders of church councils and institutions examined choices on "what to do" to make the congregations more aware of and more committed to the use of sustainable resources. "We are well aware that small initiatives do not in themselves provoke the arrival of the Kingdom of God – states the message to the churches – but we are convinced that doing something creates well being, focalizes our concentration on spiritual changes taking place and takes into account the hope within us (1 Peter 3,15)". "To grasp our relationship with creation, we combined the spiritual dimension with the practical one, questioning the life style of each and every one of us and that of our churches - explained Antonella Visintin, coordinator of GLAM -. All of this in the awareness that we can find the spiritual strength to face conversion from biblical teaching".

The participants at the GLAM workshop – that was held purposely during the Liturgical Time for Creation (September 1 to October 4), started 20 years ago by the then ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Dimitrius, and successively adopted by all the Christian churches in the world – also sent a request for prayers on Sunday, October 4, for the coming UN Conference on climatic change that will take place in Copenhagen this December.
If the "Time for Creation" ends on October 4, the commitment of the Protestant churches for the safeguard of the environment, in awaiting Copenhagen, will continue with great intensity through the coming months. GLAM joined the proposal that already has gathered wide support, that on December 13, at 3 p.m. Copenhagen time, church bells will be rung 350 times. The number 350 is not by chance, because 350 millionths is the maximum limit of CO2 emissions tolerable to avoid a climatic disaster. At the present they have reached an alarming level of 389 parts per million.
GLAM is part of the European Christian Network for the environment (ECEN) with which they share the commitment for the safeguard of creation. The aim of the Commission is to create awareness in the churches on problems of climate change and economic injustice. GLAM follows the indications outlined by the "Accra Confession" that puts at the center of the witness of faith the themes of economic injustice and destruction of the environment. The "Accra Confession" was approved by the 24th General Assembly of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches held in the Ghana capitol in 2004.

From press release NEV - Notizie evangeliche, 30 September 2009

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