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More on the Eluana Englaro case

Pastor Maria BonafedePastor Maria Bonafede, Moderator of the Tavola Valdese, Executive Board of the Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches in Italy, published the following article in the weekly newspaper Riforma of the Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian Churches with the title "Look at Eluana with eyes of love and not with dogmatics":

Every evidence points to the fact that on the body of Eluana Englaro there is a cynical game of politics taking place which is damaging to her personal dignity and to that of her family. With real political rage governors and ministers presented themselves as knights in shining armor, symbols of a vision of life that they pretend to be universal and that are instead partial and exclusive.

Politicians, theologians, commentators of every kind disputed over Eluana referring to absolute dogmatic principles: looking toward heaven and fleeing from the lifeless gaze of a young woman who, when she could, asked that an end would be put to her existence if and when it would no longer be life for her, under the condition that there was no longer anything that could be done with that gift that she had received and which she had enjoyed for too short a time.

My faith in Christ has always led me to seek God in the love of Christ more than in the absolute formulations of our dogmatics. In the quests of a presumptuous absolute truth, we end up in fact losing our sense of relationship with love, of which we can and must have to support our neighbor who suffers. It is really sad to see how many people work so hard at debating on a lifeless body with no possibility to relate to anything or anyone, kept into existence by a machine.

I prefer not to talk, I don't think I have any truth to impose with the consensus of the mass communication machine or with that of the political authority. I can only indicate a Truth that does not belong to me and which is not at my disposal: I refer to the Truth in Christ and in his message of love, a weak truth, crucified, and just for this reason stronger than all the others.

We do not permit political or dogmatic speculation on the body of Eluana – the same that we had seen at the time of Pier Giorgio Welby or of Terry Schiavo. I would only wish that the final word in this case might be that of love for a girl that did not want to live that which we are forcing her to support in the name of values and visions that were not a part of her.
Love, therefore, and respect. Let's let this story end as she and her family have asked for some time with admirable dignity. We weep for Eluana, but at least we can say we have respected her.

From press service NEV - Notizie evangeliche, 30 December 2008

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